Observatory Forecast

9.85 days until full moon

2018-06-17 Dusk 5.5
2018-06-17 8:00 6.5
2018-06-17 9:00 9
2018-06-17 10:00 8.9

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This scale is designed to rate the quality of the night sky based on some major elements of the weather and Moon phase. If the forecasted value falls between 0 and 4, the scale suggests that the weather conditions will be too poor for the session to run. A scale value between 5 and 10 indicates weather conditions that are favorable for observing, and the night lab session should be run. When the scale is between 4 and 5, the quality of the sky for astronomical observation may be difficult for the scale to predict accurately. In this case, check the local sky, refer to other weather forecasts, and if necessary, ask a professor or fellow TA for advice. In all cases, it is recommended that you scan the sky for clouds in the small but possible event that the Clear Sky Clock fails to predict them. If you have any questions or comments, please send them to tyler.szwarc@bucknell.edu.

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